Universal AV II, Pacific Place, Hong Kong | 2015

The is the second time In-between Architects has commissioned by Universal AV Centre for their flagship store redesign at Pacific Place and Landmark Central.

Even though its very obvious that client would like to maximise display frontage in their valuable shop space, Ivan Wong collaborated with Architect Michelle Kwok @ PLAAP Design Limited who find their way to comply the straight forward design brief with a tasteful touch - they decided to create a space inspired by the book The Strange Library by Haruki Murakami, a fantastical illustrated short novel about a boy imprisoned in a nightmarish library.

Surrounded by full height wooden book shelving alike display cabinets with zigzag profile, the retail space give its first impression by showcasing lifestyle gadgets on floating picture framed display suspended from the ceiling.  To make use with the 2-meter wide gigantic column in the middle of the shop front, the architects cladded it with natural thin slate, and introduce a spiral metal staircase that allows showcasing trendy items along the wooden steps all the way up to the mirror ceiling.  The pixel-patterned floor mat not only gives a dramatic touch, but also serves as safety cushion in case of accident when a careless customer dropped a gadget or two on the floor from time to time.  To differentiate from the common image of an Audio & Video shop, we carefully chose the earth toned palette and illuminate the space only with indirect and accent light.

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