‘Our passion is to provide comfort, the ultimate luxury of time’.

We believe a good design can bring family and friends together,

no matter it is an apartment, a house, a restaurant or a hotel.

It is never about what we put on this wall or how we define the layout.

It is about what is in-between. It is always about connecting the relationship.

Openness becomes a key element in most of our design projects

as it does not only create dialogues in-between one space to another,

but also implies flexibility that a space can open up for various kinds of happenings.

Simplicity, elegance in natural materials and timelessness within tradition

are the key inspirations to us. We pursue inspiring works through clarity

in spatial planning and keen attention to details. When we talk about

spaces we define their functions, it is easy to underestimate

the significance of the spaces in-between.

What if a corridor is more than just a corridor, a transitional

space in-between A & B; but a place for mingle or even tango?

We pursue to make provision for the possibles, and sometimes the impossibles.

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