Project Oikwan in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Project Oikwan 愛群 was selected for the roving architecture exhibition "HARMONY IN DIVERSITY - Connecting the Metropolis by In-between." Organised by Hong Kong Institute of Architecture and funded by CreateHK, the exhibition travels from Kuala Lumpur to Nanjing and finishes in Hong Kong's Central Market in 2024. These photos document the first stop at KL's famous heritage building Rumah Tangsi from Jul 22 to Aug 7, 2023.

Exhibition Designer - Daniel Nahmias / Studio Zaz

Exhibition Photographer - Jin Heng

Exhibition Sound Designer - Longman

Special Thanks to our
Fabric Production Partner
Wallpaper Plus

@project_oikwan is co-produced by
Mark Lau Ka Shing / Oikwan Barbers

Ivan Wong Wei Him / In-between Architects
Christina Brandt Jensen / Cheung Chau Wave

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