“In — Between”

Gallery In-between is pleased to present “In — Between”, a group exhibition by Phoboko.

29th Jul (Fri.) – 30th Jul (Sat.), 2022

5th Aug (Fri.) – 6th Aug (Sat.), 2022

12th Aug (Fri.) – 13th Aug (Sat.), 2022

Hours: 12:00 - 19:00

[Exhibition Statement]

Photography is usually viewed as a medium of individual expression through personalized tool use. However,Phoboko’s first group project has now coincided with Gallery In-between’s inaugural exhibition to challenge such norms. Instead of working individually and presenting images which reflect this, this project intends to explore the inherently social and fluid nature of photography.

Four approaches to photographing the“In — Between” emerged between pairs which then merged into intense collaborative group sessions. Like a hybrid flower, symbolically representing this ephemeral concept initially bloomed within the group. Emerging images showed objects both out of place and naturally overlooked. However, the “In —Between” was also located through bodies intimately bound to each other. These interpersonal and bodily interactions signified a gap between the intuited and the representational. Looking beyond the symbolic, attention also turned towards the social mechanics where the “In — Between” also find its existence in daily life.

Reconciling such diverse approaches was not easy. However, recognizing differences helped to thread these ideas together. Differences of opinion in motivation, authorship, and aesthetic preference emerged through ideation, shooting, editing and curation of this exhibition you see here. This exhibition intends to communicate the complexity of practicing photography collaboratively. The “In — Between” is now embodied through this very invitation to participate in our process. This topic is ripe for your input with a living document; one revealing collaborative photography in-action.

攝影常被視為一個表達個性的媒介,很個人化的工具,但閾限谷的首個作業正是要挑戰這個規範。適逢 Gallery In-Between 的開幕展覽,閾限谷嘗試摒棄這種單獨的個體影像,並探索攝影內在本質的社交性和流動性。

In— Between 的創作由四對組合先找尋自己的方向,然後再一起集合創作元素。一朵混種花卉,最初在小組中綻放,象徵著這個 In — Between 的概念。浮現的圖像當中有經常被錯置或忽視的物件。然而,In — Between 也出現於人與人和身體之間的親密互動,從而象徵直覺和表象之間的差距。創作亦審視存於日常生活中的 In — Between 。

處理分歧並不容易,但差異有助於將這些想法連貫起來。透過展覽的構思、拍攝、編輯和策展,觀眾更了解創作者於動機、著作權和審美偏好上的區別。是次展覽旨在展現合作攝影在實踐上的複雜性。 In — Between 現正邀請你和我們一起互動創作!

Participating Artists 參展藝術家

Michelle Chan 陳韻芝 / Jeremy Cheung 張俊謙 / Siu Ding 小丁 / Raúl Hernández /

Tory Ho 何灝翹 / Marty Miller / Willie Siau / Jimi Tsang 曾冠群

Presented by 主辦


For media information, please contact phoboko.hk@gmail.com

Works of Tory Ho, Willie Siau, Raul Hernández, Jimi Tsang & Michelle Chan in A2 print.

Works of Jimi Tsang & Michelle Chan.

Works of 8 participating artists in A6.

Works of 8 participating artists in A6.

Artist sharing, Willie Siau, Aug 6th 2022.

Artist Marty Miller on duty, Aug 5th, 2022

by anonymous architect

by Marty Miller

by Architect Frank Leung, via.

by anonymous

by anonymous

by Sarah Liu, In-between Architects

by Abby Au Yeung, In-between Architects

Artist Jeremy Cheung, Aug 6th 2022.  Floral Arrangement by ONO.

Artist Willie Siau, Aug 6th 2022.

Holga camera, Artist Willie Siau

Artist Michelle Chan, Aug 13th 2022.

Saturday Aug 13th, 2022

Artist Marty Miller at closing party, Saturday Aug 13th, 2022

Works of Tory Ho & Willie Siau

Works of Willie Siau & Raul Hernández

Floral Arrangement by ONO

Michelle Chan, Founder of Phoboko

Artist Willie Siau

The making of “In — Between”, Phoboko at Gallery In-between, April 30, 2022

The making of “In — Between”, Phoboko at Gallery In-between, April 30, 2022

The making of “In — Between”, Phoboko at Gallery In-between, April 30, 2022

The making of “In — Between”, Phoboko at Gallery In-between, July 14, 2022

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Curation Instructions

Narrate your own “In — Between”.

Our collaborative processes are now open for your participation. From several hundred, we have chosen a subset of preferred images. We feel these best exemplify the differing approaches to the “In — Between” which emerged from our efforts. Yet we are also curious about how YOU may narrate the “In — Between”. 

Please curate and sequence your own choice of images and attach them in the empty zine books provided. Use the pens to add as much written detail as you want. Rather than the wall, create within the confines that the book provides. Then, leave them in the gallery for us and others to see and be influenced by.


敍述你的 In — Between。

我們邀請你參與我們的共同創作:我們從幾百張圖像中篩選出一些作品。我們認為那些圖像最能體現 In — Between 不同創作方法,而我們想知你會怎樣敍述 In — Between。


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