Ocean Shores Residence

Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong | 2022

In-between Architects converted a 3-bedroom apartment into open plan living using sliding panels

Compact living is always one of the major design challenge in Hong Kong. Nano apartments become a trendy alternative for affordable housing in the world's most expensive urban center.

To re-imagine this 800sq.ft 3-bedroom apartment for a young lawyer couple who enjoys working at home and hosting for guests, In-between Architects use fluted glass sliding panels to open up cluster of spaces into open plan living, and provide privacy when necessary. Corridor is completely eliminated to achieve a multi-purpose lounge area as centre of home, allows various happenings from reading to yoga.

Lighting is carefully designed and with the use of Wever & Ducré flexible track system, it allows easy inter-changing between multiple light sources including spotlight, LED strips and pendant lamps.  


Wever & Ducré

Project Team

Ivan Wong, Abby Au Yeung

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