Lu Lu Cheung Boutique, Lee Garden I, Hong Kong | Feb 2022

Fashion designer Lu Lu Cheung collaborates with In-between Architects on rebranding her fashion retail into a lifestyle concept store at Lee Garden One, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. The idea is to provide flexible space with as much loose furniture as possible that can potentially host various kinds of events in the shop space, including floral workshop and art exhibition.

The shopfront is defined by a full height curve wall in texture paint that serves as an invitation to arcade shoppers. Other than that, the shop space remains as an open plan that houses most of her vintage furniture carried over from her previous shops over the past two decades, representing both design philosophy of Lu Lu Cheung in respect to our past and shaping the brand's culture.

In-between Architects open up the back wall to reveal original curtain wall, bringing daylight into the space. While keeping back portion as back of house, freeing up shop front seems to be a logical arrangement, the idea of daylight and temperature changes coheres to Lu Lu Cheung's concept of secret garden for Christianity, designer clothing and beautiful artifacts.

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