Lobby and Clubhouse, Yixing Hotel, China | 2022 Concept Design

Inspired by Tea Garden

The conceptual design for Yixing Hotel is a collaboration with PLAAP Design and Studio Little based Shanghai.

To show both the existing architecture intention being close to nature, and the poetic nature of Chinese Tea Culture, we express the idea of a "Tea Garden", and get inspiration from Sonnets.  While stone sculptures bring exterior into the lobby, it spontaneously inviting guests to nature.  Every artifacts and elements resonate with the concept and the beauty of Tea Garden.   Guests are greeted by defused daylight that penetrates through metal screens, and the dramatic curvature of entrance portal.  We wish to create a space that allows constant changing yet durable and timeless.  The possibility of Changes gives returning customers a new experience every time they come back.


宜興酒店的概念設計是與 PLAAP DesignStudio Little(上海)合作完成。


我們從關於茶園的十四行詩中獲得了靈感。雕塑花園把室外風景引入室內,同時也把客人帶到室外。這裡的藝術品的靈活性佈置、家具擺件和燈具都在它們的位置上配合了茶園的美。周邊的自然光缐從頂部的百葉之間透進來。立體流線的門廊歡迎到來酒店的賓客,與接待大堂的特色弧型天花產生對話。 我們希望做一些有趣的、讓人感到愉悅又恆久耐用的設計。它會隨著時間改變,為旅客每次重遊此地時都帶來新的感受和想像。

「從石頭看到人體雕塑;看山水畫、太湖石,看見人體造型;用這種穿插和意識流的改變去呈現出作品。」-- 吳冠中

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