3-4, 10-11, 17-18 July 2023

A line is not only a common starting point for artistic expression, but also serves to connect disparate points, bringing order and coherence to a drawing. "alined" presents a collection of pieces by visual artist Jully Woo that take the viewer on a journey through her unique style of line drawing. Through her art, Jully explores and interprets the world around us, infusing her works with raw emotion and unexpected abstract forms. Her masterful use of lines, colours, shapes, and rhythms on paper breathes new life into the practice of life drawing, uncovering beauty in the unconventional and fostering compassion for the world around us. 

About the Artist

Jully Woo (b. 1970) is a former fashion designer and fashion illustrator with over 20 years of experience. Growing up in Hong Kong, she began drawing portraits, figures, and still life at the young age of 10. After pursuing a BA (Hon.) in Fashion Design at Central Saint Martins College of Art in the UK, Jully began to develop her own unique and powerful style of drawing, characterized by her keen sense of movement, volume, space, and lines. Though self-taught in painting, Jully has already received recognition in international art competitions since 2020. By blending her Chinese roots and culture with her intuitive lines, expressive strokes, and spectrum of colors, she has developed a distinctive signature style. * All flower pieces by Ikebana Artist, Jennie Wei.

Artist Talk

Week 1

A Journey of Line + Mindfulness Drawing by Jully Woo, Jul 1st

Week 2

Floral Piece Demo by Ikebana Artist Jennie Wei, Jul 10th

Week 3

'alined in Harmony: A Fusion of line and sound' by Jully Woo x Jennifer Yim, Jul 17th

Closing Talk, 'From Dot to Line, Life and Death' by Jully Woo xLiu Xian, Jul 18th

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